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Victor Noriega :: STONE'S THROW
by Ron Sagye La Rue

Victor Noriega is a serious pianist/composer;all the music on "Stone's Throw"(his debut) is original, except The Bad and The Beautiful. Delivering 52 minutes of music throughout 9 tracks,in a
word this CD is introspective in nature. Noriega's composing and playing reminds one of another era the early 1960s,when pianists Herbie Nichols,Jaki Byard,Andrew Hill and Richard Twardzik were stretching the forms,using tone clusters.

In fact the first composition "Lassitude"reminds this writer of Kenny Dorham's "Tahitian Suite" with its staccato opening. What's interesting is that Noriega gets so much music out of his compositions. The longest cut is "gigantic" (XL)is 7:37,Passion,in-
tensity,conviction and deepness,permeate this recording. Its rare
when a musician can make a debut an already be fully developed in writing,playing and concept. This Noriega has accomplished with "Stone's Throw". Like Kings is a stately piece Minuet-like,
there are so many high points on this CD "Recongition" being just one the way Noriega attacks the music, breaks up the rhythm,drops chords, cascading lines. He seems to ask qustions with his left hand and answer with beautiful lines in his right. At 5:30 minutes and 30 seconds, I just wish it was longer---its a masterpiece.

Bassist, Willie Blair and drummer Eric Eagle give splendid support throughout, including some excellent solos. One couldn't ask for a better piano trio. Victor Noriega is tremendous piano artist. Like his composition "Recognition" he deserve more of it NOW!

www.noriegamusic.com for more information

published 29.09.2010 2005 jazz news :: home page