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by Ron Sagye La Rue

AZ 1009
Time: 37:09
Alain Cupper:Baritone Sax
Gino Lattuca:Trumpet
Ivan Paduart:Piano
Eric Fusillier:Double Bass
Herman Pardon:Drums

Baritone saxman Alain Cupper's "Cold Station" CD is anything but cold! This album Cupper's second brings back three musicians from his first(BUNGA) recording: Lattuca,Fusillier and Pardon. They start things swinging with 5th AVENUE a medium-tempo bop tune done in the classic form, playing the head with solos by Cupper,Lattuca and Paduart. Bassist Fusillier and drummer Pardon lay a musical foundation that provides sound support. The title comes from when Cupper played in a station fifteen/twenty years ago to win money.

COLD STATION the title tune and first of two ballads written by Cupper, opens with unaccompanied piano before Lattuca's beautiful trumpet enters--what a sound! His tone is rich and full like a flugelhorn, when Cupper comes in he just extends the mood robust, mellow at the same time. The character and structure of the piece reminds one of "My Funny Valentine" a lovely ballad, so warmly played--arranged by Paduart. A lyricist should put lyrics to this moving ballad, COLD STATION gives you a warm feeling it belies its title. DISCONNECTED is well-connected by its composer Paduart the catchy piano/bass figure that's repeated throughout while the horns are in unison makes it a high-point. The solos are by Baritone,trumpet and piano in that order. Cupper pays respect to Peppper Adams(he did Cecil Paynes "Communion" BUNGA CD) by doing his "MUEZZIN" recorded by Adams in 1957. Now in the twenty-first century Cupper revisists the Adams classic. It opens not unlike the original with a Latin drum introduction this his a happy tune always good to blow on and they do. Lattuca solo is sprite and full of energy, Cupper moves out on this and I like the way Paduart picks up on Cupper's last phrase right into his own solo. Thank you, Pepper Adams for writing it, and you Alain Cupper for remembering the late master.

YONI is a ballad for Cupper's young son again the Baritone is relaxed but strongly sensitive pensive tones offered here and we accept. Cupper really has knows how to compose ballads.

ELYONISS is a blues raw earthy and expressive they get down raunchy takes you back to the days when you could here this type of a blues in almost any club in America. This blues is coming from Europe, directly from Belgium! COLD STATION gives you some warm and swinging music. www.alaincupper.com

5th Avenue
Cold Station
Mr. Lenoir

published 01.03.2006 2005 jazz news :: home page

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