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Pinoy Jazz Traditions by Richie C. Quirino :: Pinoy Jazz Traditions
by Ron Sagye La Rue

Pinoy Jazz Traditions
Publisher: Anvil Publishing Inc.
Pages: 212

Pinoy Jazz Traditions is immediately an important addition to Jazz literature. It opens one to Jazz in the Philippine Islands,a country not usually thought of as a haven for Jazz. But by the books very title it informs the reader that there is a tradition of Jazz in this Southeastern nation. Going back to 1898 when African-American soldiers were sent to the Philippines to fight... by most accounts an unjust war,many deserted. These sable skin soldiers brought their music with them. The sound of African-Americans music grew and Pinoys accepted it. Quirino states that by the 1920's pianist Ping Joaquin had a orchestra and was quite popular on the growing Jazz scene. The book is divided into three sections. The first section focuses on Jazz in its early stages, the Roaring Twenties;the Shanghai Connection;such figures as The Dila Brothers, there were five Apolo a trumpeter considered the best during the late 1930s. The Jazz Dance Bands of the 1930's Narding and Priscilla Aristorenas. Duke Ellington was quite impressed my his playing and considered one of Asia's best.

Liberation Time and The Freedom of Jazz: is about Jazz in the Philippines in the 1940's. Section Two is a Jazz Photos Chest that illustrates many rare and vintage images. Showing Duke Ellington,Benny Goodman,J.J. Johnson and Gary Burton performing with Pinoy musicians. Along with Pinoy artwork,memorabilia and poems. Section Three is devoted to musician to musician interviews(21) with interesting stories to tell about their encounter with American artists. Vocalist Anita O'Day once said bassist Roger Herrera was one of the finest she'd come across. He made appearences with band leader Romy Posadas at the Monterey Jazz Festival. In 1962 he was voted as a top bassist along with Ray Brown,Charles Mingus and Ron Carter.

Quirino is very thorough in his research and extremely passionate about Jazz in the Philippines. Where it's been and where its going in the Philippines. Pinoy Jazz Traditions is a welcome entry to Jazz literature and should do much to expose the world to Jazz in the Philippines. For more information: Rcqamen@edsamail.com.ph

published 15.02.2006 2005 jazz news :: home page

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