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by Ron Sagye La Rue

SKJ Records SKJ0001
Time: 63:44

Scott Kyle:Trombone
Christopher Hollyday:Alto Sax
Robert Lawson:Guitar
Justin Grinnell:Bass
Dave Pschaida:Drums

Scott Kyle has assembled a wonderful group of musicians performing standard jazz repertoire.The Musicians sans Christopher Hollyday I'd never heard of. Not even Scott Kyle. But they sure play this material well. Yes, you've more than likely heard these compositions before. Unison is the key word I use to describe this ensemble,because everything performed on the CD is together. Everyone solos with confidence and the arrangements(all by Kyle)were well thoughout. I particularly like the way Kyle will play a phrase and Hollyday comes in and finishes it. Kyle's trombone has a sweet warm style, but quite spirited as on "Night In Tunisia".

Hollyday's alto sound has the imprint of Jackie McLean and is aggressive like McLean. But may make one wonder does this have to do with the material, much played in the 1950s era? Because I 've heard him when he was a teenager not sounding like his imprint.

Guitarist Lawson's playing sounds like pearls bouncing on velvet.He's obviously been influenced by Jim Hall in his soloing and sound as well. Not meaning that he's a copy cat. Bassist Grinnell sound is solid,assured and supplies good support.Drummer Pschaida is quite tasty and doesn't over play. The arrangement of "April In Paris" is an unusual one they play "around" the familiar melody. In various parts they play certain keynotes that hint at the familiar melody. What's interesting is at 3:32 trombone/alto do state the melody. There are eleven compositions in all. "Lush Life" being the longest at 10:52 the shortest Charlie Parker's "Donna Lee" 3:32. Meditation by A.C. Jobim is really enjoyable,Pschaida Bossa Nova rhythms. Included on this program is Horace Silver's "Peace" a silver piece not to often played.

Scott Kyle has a special way with these old classics you can tell he loves these evergreens it shows in his playing and his musicians. You can't go wrong the Scott Kyle quintet. I hope this unit makes many more recordings. A side note: This CD was recorded at "In My Living Room" studios. On the inside sleeve the photos(by Pam Kyle)remind of the old Blue Note cover photos: Remember the old venetian blinds at Rudy Van Gelder's? I highly recommed this CD for the material and the playing of it. The Trombone and alto front line is something you don't hear often... it's an interesting sound. More info www.ScottKyleJazz.com
published 03.12.2005 2005 jazz news :: home page

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