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Victor Saumarez :: Melange
by Karl Stober

Sometimes rerouted plans have a way of creating new and amazing results. Designed to be a string duo on a one-take trek was not in the cards for the effort of Victor Saumarez introduction of Melange. By taking a different route, Melange became in the end a zestful piece of string-enhanced artwork. With some brief but strong double bass efforts by Timothy Powell, Melange bleeds and romances the talents of Mr. Saumarez. For those who embrace a premeditated solo string sound, this project is a must compliment to that collection.

Destined to be a beebop sound finding Latin and swing influences is not a mistake.
The “Jitterbug Waltz” has some great string sparkle arranged in it. A clever yet cool interpretation of a Fats Waller classic, it’s paced with different modes and tones that surprise the listener.

Drop a quarter into this jewel jukebox on the final cut “Whisper Not” a Benny Golson composition that just flows riveresque. Each chord exclusive in its importance to the piece along with Mr. Powell keeping pace with his bass, the cut is just a superb epilogue to the project.

One could Mr. Saumarez, is just keeping it tuned and toned in. Nice effort all around!

published 08.07.2005© 2005 jazz news :: home page

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