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by Ron Sagye La Rue

Alain Cupper is a new voice on Baritone Sax from Belgium,but with this voice he brings tradition. Of the fourteen compositions on "Bunga" his first CD as a leader. He's chosen music from Thelonious Monk "Well, You Needn't";Cecil Payne(Bartione Saxist)"Communion";Matt Dennis "Everything Happens to Me" and a very old classic "Too Close For Comfort". Cupper has also included some original material,"Bunga" named for his wife. "Ipon" is a Japanese word that means impact of point. And that could have been a subtitle of this excellent CD. Tentative another original by but there is nothing "tentative" or "uncertain" about Cupper's playing on this CD!

He can swing,soothe, excite and he does, on all the compositions on Bunga. And although the fourth piece of music listed is only twelve seconds long! That's right(***) (you'll understand once you purchase the CD) Cupper can blow "free" he does some interesting things on this compact disc. But he's not alone,some wonderful musicians are along: Peter Vandenberghe,piano;Eric Fusillier,bass;Herman Pardon,drums(the quartet). And the guests are
Jean-Pierre Gebler,Bartione Sax(on "Too Close For Comfort")they do some really nice Bari exchanges;Gino Lattuca,trumpet(on "Ipon" and J.P.C.)Lattuca is "something else" on Ipon and Paolo Loveri,guitar.

Bassits Fusillier,is also a composer check out his "Eric's Theme" the way its constructed and thought out. A very imaginative written piece of music. The composer's playing on his composition is as interesting a the piece itself. Guitarist Loveri contributes some worthy lines on "Ipon". Vandenberghe is the perfect pianist for this session he comps and solos with the best, of any of the name musicians. Pardon drums holds everything together,something many drummers can't do with there's as much variety as on this recording.

Alain Cupper presents different,unexpected and satisfying set of music nearly 75 minutes worth. For information on purchasing this CD email: alain.cupper@belgacom.net

published 18.05.2005 2005 jazz news :: home page

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