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Ryo Hashizume :: Aab Then You Heard Tales
by Ron Saguye La Rue

AND THEN YOU HEARD TALES is the companion CD to "In a Stranger's Hand" Hao 429.MIRAGE opens with a tenor/guitar unison line the rhythm section flows without piano. The dreamy languid melody is taken at a melancholy pace,before the guitar takes a wondering solos as if searching where to go. Drums and bass supporting, Scott Goulding on drums is quite effective on the toms he creates a mood mystery while bassist Wang darts in and out as she chooses. Goulding offers a variety of dynamics throught the piece.

SHAPE OF WIND is by guitarist Takumi Seino he begins his composition unaccompanied for the first 1:31; cymbals find their way in at this point. Followed by tenor,piano and bass Ryo on WIND is more forceful but not too... with more assuredness and strength. He moves around more than on previous solos exploring the dynamic possibilities of the horn. Next pianist Takashi Kudo solos is so far the best reason for purchasing this CD.

The construction of his concept is wonderful a splendidly delivered through the entire tonal range of the piano. The dashing runs breaks and sustaining of notes a just the right moment is exciting. Seino is next in the spotlight and he furthers journey,in one sense his solo has the flavor of Kudo in development. Bassist Wang approach reminds me of a solo I heard by bassist Richard Davis on Eric Dolpy's "live at the Five Spot lp". SHAPE OF WIND ends with the original melody.

ALLEY like the other pieces begins with a gradual build up and some fusion-style guitar Kudo's piano feature is chordal based. Wang is feature is bowing the bass and then she does some plucking avant garde style she displays she knows her way around the bass. This is the most abstract composition on the date.

BEFORE DAYBREAK is another mood piece as most of the music is on this CD most of the applause should go to Kudo on this one.

THE GILL TIP is longest composition on the CD at 16:30 and things begin to cook at 4:00 with pianist Kudo sounding very much in a McCoy Tyner vain he pulls out all the stops. I wish more of the music was in this area. But if you want laid back music that does have interesting dynamics this could be the CD for you.
published 14.05.2005 2005 jazz news :: home page

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