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Terry Gibbs :: Good Vibes: A Life in Jazz Terry Gibbs with Cary Ginell
by Ron Sagye La Rue

Good Vibes is a good read! Gibbs tells his jazz story as though he's telling it "orally" to you directly. Very casual and laid back.
From his beginnings in Brooklyn,New York to his travels around the globe. Good Vibes is published by Scarecrow Press Inc. $34.95 in American dollars. It has 318 pages a discography 1946-2002 with song titles and personnel. Gibbs long tenure in jazz has put him in contact with many of the most important figures in jazz: Dizzy Gillespie,Max Roach,Duke Jordan,Horace Silver etc. But Gibbs career as a musician has also thrust him into the Hollywood scene.

American personalities: Steve Allen(comedian and pianist) Frankk Sinatra,Johnny Carson,controversial comedian Lenny Bruce(jazz fan too) Regis Philbin(Gibbs was his musicial director on The Regis Philbin show 1960s). There are many stories revealed some funny others like the time he was part of a Ray Charles rehearsal and Charles kept stopping the band every four bars! Saying the trombone is off or the trumpets off! Gibbs says this "dragged" the musicians.

There is also a funny story when he was living in Los Angeles and invited musicians to his house. Miles Davis couldn't find the house and telephoned Gibbs, Miles "Where the "F" are you? Gibbs "Where the "F" are you? Miles never found Gibbs house!

Whar good would a book like this be without photographs? Sixteen photos of Gibbs life and travels from and infant in 1924 to what looks like a vibe summit with Lionel hampton Gary Burton and Red Norvo. Including a photo of Gibbs and Dizzy Gillespie walking down a street in France. A photo of Ray Charles holding a set of mallets.

Gibbs who is straight forward also shows the ugly side of the business: Racism that unfortunately effects the music business. Gives a telling account of his time in Las Vegas(circa 1950s) Where pianist Liberace wants to have a drink with his black pianist Terry Pollard but policy in Vegas was blacks can't sit at tables. But Liberace insisted and being a big star said: He'd never come back to the hotel again. Finally Pollard did come out. Gibbs felt that was really nice of Liberace. So many wonderful stories in this book. Whether fan of jazz or the popular personalities Gibbs talks about there is something for everyone in Gibbs autobiography. And there is enough musician language to satisfy the musician. Of course he talks about his frind Buddy De Franco and many others.

And if your interested in life in Hollywod,California thats in the book as well. Terry Gibbs not only plays good vibes,but tells a good story. Gibbs offerw excellent insight to his Jewish heritage.
This book has the material substance for a movie REALLY!
published 18.04.2005 2005 jazz news :: home page

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