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Jen Shyu :: For Now
by Ron Sagye La Rue

When I first saw this CD of standards I thought okay good way for a new artist to begin. But what I heard I was totally shocked with the approach to these well warn evergreens."Lover Man","Caravan"(I wish it was longer 2:17),"Nature Boy", "Summertime" take you pick of these songs and you'll be met with with pleasant surprises on every track.Francis Wong plays tenor and soprano sax.blends quite well with Shyu's voice. Check out "Lover Man" the arrangement is something else! You don't know what love is,for this reviewer is one of the highest points on the CD.The cymbal work of percussionist Jimmy Biala really sets the mood. Your not likely to find a vocal CD as eclectic and meaningful as "For Now",there's so much to enjoy on this CD.Some singers grab your ears--Shyu grabs your emotions!She's an original voice that you should hear!Shyu also arranged the compositions and produced the album. Yes,compositions because Jen adds depth to these songs.
published 17.04.2005 2005 jazz news :: home page

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