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Andy Bey :: Tuesdays in Chinatown
by Ron Sagye La Rue

2001, Encoded Music

Tuesdays in Chinatown(N-CODED MUSIC NC-4223-2)is Andy Bey's latest release.From the strong piano introduction to his opening baritone voice,he takes you on a journey through Chinatown.Which one you might ask? Anyone your imagination may desire!He tells a story you can't but absorb,he voice makes you listen.The shear strength and quality pulls you into his musical world;Fluegelhornist,John Sneider compliments Bey's style beautifully. He doesn't over play and knows when to lay out,bassist,Peter Washington gives excellent support and keeps the low-keyed somber mood present. Drummer Victor Lewis knows just how to ad spice and flavor to the piece. FRAGILE takes you from Chinatown to South America with the opening octave harmonics of guitarist,Paul Meyers to the playing of shells of Steve Turre he also takes short trombone solo. Bey's vocals on FRAGILE are softer but no less meaningful;percussionist Mino Cinelu playing is eclectic as well as interesting. Everyone gels quite nicely. SAIDAS E BANDERAS is sung in Portueguese by Bey. I won't attempt to explain the lyrics. But the arrangement is by Geri Allen and is quite an engaging horn arragement. JUST FRIENDS has strings and may make you think of Charlie Parker's classic. Bey throws in a tune by bluesman Big Bill broonzy FELLIN'LOWDOWN.

On various tracks are Ron Carter,but what is a treat is that Andy Bey plays wonderful piano through out this disc. Anyday is a good day in Chinatown especially Tuesdays,with Andy Bey!
published 16.04.2005 2005 jazz news :: home page

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