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Sounds of St Lucia :: Acoustic Alchemy

by Terry Robinson

Image Entertainment, March 11, 2003

If you thought from listening to AA studio CD's that a live concert would be like a couple of guys sitting around picking a tune, this is the album that will show how misguided that idea is. From the allman-style trailblazer to the incredibly energetic finale of Lazeez, Acoustic Alchemy shows the energy and intensity they bring to their performance on this cd. The songs are a minute or 2 longer than the studio versions to allow for more solo work, but the solos never stray into never-neverland, they remain within the structure of the work. Frank Felix's strong bass which is highlighted in Panama Cat is the glue that keeps the groove throughout the concert. This was not a big crowd, as the DVD version of this show showed, but as one who has seen them perform live, you can't help but be positively influenced by the solid beats, beautiful intricate guitar work, and positive vibes. You can't help but smile ear to ear from the first note to the final encore. I only wish they included ALL of the songs from the DVD, Catalina Kiss and Casino, but if you have any curiousity whatsoever about what AA sounds like live, this is a MUST have, and as they tour in the US. from june through October, 2003, you will likely want to see for yourself.
published 16.04.2005 2005 jazz news :: home page

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