Paysend To Host Technology Networking Event in Belgrade

BELGRADE - 13 SEPTEMBER, 2022 - Paysend, the global FinTech with over 7 million customers, will host its first in-person Paysend Connect event in Belgrade, Serbia on Thursday 22 September.

Paysend Connect is a technology, software and product development focused event that will introduce Paysend’s tech stack and architecture, provide demonstrations of Paysend’s product suite and give those in technology and software development an opportunity to network, share ideas, meet new people and learn from one another.

Some of Paysend’s most senior executives and technology leaders will be represented, including:

• Abdul Abdulkerimov, Co-Founder and Chairman at Paysend
• Andrey Popov, Global Head of Technology at Paysend
• Ivan Alexeev, Head of Engineering at Paysend
• Ilya Vasilev, Lead Product Manager at Paysend
• Tim Gayfullin, IT Project Manager at Paysend
• Sergey Raskin, Payment Processing Project Manager at Paysend

Paysend Connect will serve as an official launch event for Paysend’s new European Technology Center in Belgrade that was opened in May to embrace Serbia’s reputation as Europe’s next technology hotspot and to take advantage of its convenient location and domestically-grown, internationally acclaimed technology talent pool.

Through the opening of its European technology hub, Paysend will look to directly contribute to some of the innovative technology-focussed initiatives already underway across Serbia, including working with the National Bank of Serbia to test payment solutions and products in the bank’s payment regulatory sandbox, as well as joining the Digital Serbia Initiative, a non-profit that hosts events for students, helps to shape FinTech laws, as well as develop Serbia’s digital economy.

Alex Nicolaus, Chief People Officer at Paysend, said: “We’re thrilled to be hosting this first in-person Paysend Connect event from our new European Technology Centre in Belgrade. With the technology sector becoming such a critical part of the social and economic fabric of Serbia, we look forward to showcasing the brilliance of the technology, software and product development fields as well as contributing to strengthening the technology and startup ecosystems in Serbia.”

Registration for Paysend Connect can be made here: The event will be live streamed on Paysend’s YouTube page.
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