On "Lotus Blossom Days," NYC Vocalist VICKI BURNS Showcases Her Creative Vision

Although vocalist VICKI BURNS specializes in the romantic music of the 20th century, she is not tethered to the Great American Songbook. Her newest album, LOTUS BLOSSOM DAYS, comprises 12 songs, three of which are originals, including “Love Spell” and “Siren Song, ” written by Burns, and “You Don’t Have to Believe, ” written by her good friend, vocalist Tessa Souter. Of the other tunes, all started life as instrumentals, except for the standards, “This Times the Dream’s on Me, ” “Out of This World, ” and “Close Your Eyes.” The album is a showcase for Burns’ appealing three-octave range, gorgeous tone, heartfelt expression, and assured sense of rhythm and dynamics. LOTUS BLOSSOM DAYS is Burns’ third CD as a leader and follows Live at Anna’s Jazz Island (2008) and Siren Song (2005). Dr Herb Wong wrote, “Avoiding the predictability of safe havens, her music brims with many more surprises and uncharted delights... Vicki Burns is irresistible.” On LOTUS BLOSSOM DAYS, Burns wanted to chronicle the arc of a love affair, from the early seduction and love to the sadness and bitterness when the relationship doesn’t work out to gaining a perspective that leads to a wider view of love, life, and ultimately happiness. Vicki Burns is the complete package. She can scat convincingly, swing like a horn, and write hip songs worthy of attention from other vocalists. Burns has not recorded in many years, but LOTUS BLOSSOM DAYS is well worth the wait.






DAYNA STEPHENS tenor & baritone sax (3, 4, 12)

JOSH DEUTSCH trumpet (1, 2, 9 )

MAS KOGA flute & baritone sax (2)

NICK VAYENAS trombone (1, 9)

Produced by Vicki Burns & Sam Bevan

Arranged by Sam Bevan (1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 12)


1. If You Never Fall in Love with Me/Del Sasser 3:47

2. Close Your Eyes 3:26

3. Love Spell 4:06

4. Lotus Blossom Days 4:44

5. Bittersweet 5:07

6. Watch Out/The Sidewinder 2:53

7. A Long Way to Go/Equinox 5:06

8. It’s Over Now/Well You Needn't 3:56

9. You Don't Have to Believe 6:36

10. This Time The Dream's On Me 3:48

11. Siren Song 6:20

12. Out of This World 4:36

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