Dana Fitzsimons w/Bill Graham, Brandon Boone release "FAULT LINES"

On FAULT LINES, drummer DANA FITZSIMONS collaborated with two other superb Atlanta-based musicians, pianist BILL GRAHAM and bassist BRANDON BOONE, to create a program of rhythmic, free-style jazz improvisations. Although FAULT LINES is a truly collaborative project, Fitzsimons is the group’s guiding light. He feels that music often reflects the psychological or emotional state of the musician at a particular point in time. This is the second album that he has spearheaded. His first recording, The Cheap Ensemble (2017), was inspired by a painting by Gerhard Richter and reflected the feelings of melancholy and nostalgia Fitzsimons was experiencing back then. With its ambient atmospherics, the music was intimate and soothing. FAULT LINES, however, presents a more optimistic and energetic frame of mind. Fitzsimons has been an ardent fan of free-style jazz for many years. During the Covid-19 lockdown, he had extra time to re-think everything, including how he wanted to express himself musically. He started to hear his playing differently and changed his drum kit to facilitate his new vision. “When the band finally got together to play again, there was a lot of pent-up energy between us. We were all on the same page musically, ” says Fitzsimons. “The music we wanted to make requires a lot of close listening and allowing the music to take you wherever it wants to go, untethered from strict ideas about time, form, and harmony. With all this freedom, it was important to me that the music still be rhythmic and lyrical so that the music invites the listener in, even for those who are not accustomed to free jazz.” The music on FAULT LINES is adventurous, inventive, and lyrical. Although Fitzsimons is the group’s main timekeeper, Graham and Boone are also drummers, so it is not surprising that the music has a strong rhythmic center despite the players own personal, imagistic approach to time.


Dana Fitzsimons drums

Bill Graham piano

Brandon Boone bass


1. Slant Anagrams 3:33

2. Agitation Lullaby 5:18

3. Crystals 3:32

4. Ice Bridges Before Road 5:36

5. Borders 6:46

6. Number 6 5:04

7. Where or When 3:39

8. It Should’ve Happened a Long Time Ago 8:16

9. Weeble Wobbles 4:05

10. Intersections 8:31

11. Amelia 5:56

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