Rok Zalokar | Sidereal Time

CVLT Nation premieres today “Sidereal Time”, the new Music Video by Slovenian pianist, composer and producer Rok Zalokar. The track plays around with our perceptual threshold of patterns and it is taken from "Speak Your Body", an outstanding album out digitally since May 6 2022 via Nature Scene Records.

'Speak Your Body’ is the new electroacoustic album by slovenian pianist, composer and producer Rok Zalokar. It was released on May 6 2022 on all digital platforms via Nature Scene records. The material comes from different sources; sound sculpting, beat making, spontaneous sessions with friends and moments of exploration with a given instrument, which Rok connects with a surrealist cut-up narrative.

The track ‘Sidereal time’ plays around with our perceptual threshold of patterns. How fast and irregular can they be, while still being able to comprehend:
"It combines my passions for orchestral sounds and analogue synths, playing around with figures and shifting perspectives. I wanted to create a surreal sonic space, with a combination of elements that one would not normally hear together.”, explains Rok.

About the Music video he adds : "Music and art in general can serve as an archive of one's life. Not only specific life events, but also time in between. It can recall moments and the process of creating a specific work. For this video I used the footage from my phone, from the days I was working on the song. It's an experiment on how these two archives are interacting. The song itself behaves like the brain's electricity scanning for memories.”
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