French post-punk band NASTYJOE is premiering today their video for single "Resign". The song is the opening track of "Deep Side Of Happiness" a new EP to be released June 17 via À Tant Rêver du Roi.

NASTYJOE is a French post-punk band from Bordeaux that formed in 2017. Composed of Robin Rauner (Lead vocals, guitar), Bastien Blanc (guitar, backing vocals), Nicolas Acquaviva (bass guitar) and François Garcia (drums, backing vocals).

To depict their sound, imagine a huge schizophrenic British orgy coming out of your speakers. Do you see what I mean? Not difficult to understand though : put Arctic Monkeys — 2008 period — in a room filled with scented candles, and add (one after the other) the bitter side of Shame, the romanticism of Fontaines DC, the roughness of Television guitars and the soft brutality of Idles. Make them significantly copulate to obtain NASTYJOE, as romantic as wild, as sensitive as staggering.

Their upcming EP “Deep Side of Happiness” depicts through its energy and dark nature, feelings of isolation, mental duality, psychosis and paranoia.

The band recorded and mixed again with Cyrille Gachet (Jc-satan, Petit Fantôme, Colision). Animated by the wish to produce a frontal and aerial record, Cyrille underlined a rough and mastered sound to put into light a confident identity.

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