Longtime Santana Trumpeter BILL ORTIZ's "Points of View," Out June 17th on Left Angle Records

One of the Bay Area’s most dynamic multi-genre trumpeters for over four decades, BILL ORTIZ recorded and toured the world with Santana for 16 years – starting with the multi-Grammy winning Smooth album – and has recorded and/or performed with legends of jazz (Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter, Chick Corea), Latin (Tito Puente, Pete Escovedo), rock/blues (Boz Scaggs, Buddy Guy) and R&B (Tony Toni Toné, TLC, En Vogue, Destiny’s Child). POINTS OF VIEW, the title of his first solo album since leaving Santana in 2016, perfectly reflects the great array of influences and the freewheeling playing and stylistic approach he brings to a wide range of classic pieces while leading an ensemble of fellow Bay Area greats. Each of the ten pieces Ortiz re-imagines on POINTS OF VIEW was chosen because he felt they would be the best vehicles to showcase his personal voice on trumpet. “At its best, ” Ortiz says, “music makes people feel something. I wanted the album to feature important pieces that have been overlooked or forgotten, songs I felt could document the sounds and artists that were important to me in forming my voice while updating and bringing my personal style to them.”


Bill Ortiz trumpet, flugelhorn

Azar Lawrence tenor sax

Matt Clark piano, Fender Rhodes

Brian Jackson piano

Carl Wheeler Hammond B3 organ

Marcus Shelby bass

Marc van Wageningen electric bass

Dennis Chambers drums

John Santos percussion, lead & bg vocals

Javier Navarrette percussion, bg vocals

Terrie Odabi lead & bg vocals

Larry Batiste bg vocals

Sandy Griffith bg vocals

Christelle Durandy lead & bg vocals

Juan Luis Perez bg vocals


1. Sunburst 8:33

2. Alex The Great 6:01

3. Ain’t Gon Change A Thang 6:04

4. In Search Of Truth 9:14

5. Okonkole y Trompa 7:48

6. A Toast To The People 6:57

7. Fusion/Noche Cubana 8:20

8. Ain’t No Need In Crying 6:19

9. Oriental Folk Song 8:41

10. My Lord And Master 4:12

Produced by Bill Ortiz
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