Nyko Skill Shot Rifle for PlayStation Move Now Available

Nyko Technologies has announced the launch of the Skill Shot shooting accessory for PlayStation Move. The Skill Shot is a tactical rifle attachment for PlayStation Move designed to add exciting realism to gameplay, particularly in first-person shooter games.

The Skill Shot is an ergonomically designed two-handed tactical rifle that supports all Move shooting games. Both the Move Motion and Navigation controllers easily lock into place for a comfortable grip, providing accurate trigger response and steady aiming. The adjustable, removable front dock ensures a comfortable grip for extended frag sessions.

Skill Shot features include:
Sturdy Two-handed grip with extendable stock for ultimate stability.
Ambidextrous Rotating Navigation Controller dock is ideal for left- and right-handed gamers.
Customizable Removable Navigation Controller dock allows you to use the rifle with one or both hands.
Immersive Smooth-action tactile trigger and easy access to all action buttons on both controllers.

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