Nyko Issues Charge Base and Power Pak+ for Nintendo 3DS

Nyko Technologies announces that two of its new Nintendo 3DS accessories are now available in major retailers and online. At the heart of both products is the Power Pak+, a high capacity rechargeable battery pack for the Nintendo 3DS handheld system that offers double the capacity and battery life of the standard 3DS battery. Nyko's latest Charge Base is also now available, designed to store the Nintendo 3DS and make sure it's always fully juiced with easy drop-in charging.

The Nyko Power Pak+ for Nintendo 3DS is a high-capacity rechargeable battery pack that offers double the battery life of the original 3DS battery. It features debossed finger rests for improved control and comfort.

The Nyko Charge Base for Nintendo 3DS is a drop-in charging and storage solution for the new handheld device. Each Charge Base includes a Power Pak+ rechargeable battery pack and a specialized charging dock designed to store and charge the system and battery together. The Charge Base features an on/off switch as well as LED indicator lights that let you know when your battery is charging and when it has finished.

Both the Power Pak+ and the Charge Base utilize the standard 3DS AC adaptor for recharging.

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