Navigate the Wii, QWERTY Style

Nyko Technologies has announced its Type Pad Pro for the Wii is now available at and Canadian retailers. Featuring a full QWERTY thumbpad, the Type Pad Pro is ideal for typing on the Wii, game chat interaction, online navigation and Wii Shop Channel browsing, while maintaining pointer functionality with either the Nyko Wand or Wii Remote.

The Type Pad Pro is fully supported by applications that utilize keyboard functionality like the Opera Browser, Animal Crossing: City Folk and Wii friend messaging. In addition, the Type Pad Pro features Nyko's Trans-Port Technology, which allows the A and B buttons to be accessed directly from the device's two trigger buttons when used with the Nyko Wand. Convenient A and B button access on the back of the Type Pad Pro allows for smoother and easier scrolling, zooming and clicking while browsing the web, enabling user-friendly web navigation. The device features up to 25 feet of wireless range and requires no additional batteries.

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