Nyko Wand Now Available in Five New Colors

Nyko Technologies announces that their Wand controller is now available in five additional exciting colors, each available as an exclusive for select retail outlets. The new colors include green, orange, yellow, grey and red, and will join the original white Wand, as well as the blue, pink, purple and black.spliter

Now there is a Wand in every flavor, allowing Wii owners to customize their gaming experience. Each color is available at a select retailer:
- Gamestop: Green and Orange
- Yellow
- Fry's: Red
- Meijer Supercenters: Grey.

Featuring the same quality and durability of the original white Wand, the color Wands sport matching buttons as well as matching silicone jackets. All color Wands feature Nyko's Trans-Port technology, enabling compatible peripherals to communicate digitally with the Wand.

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