Super Happy Fun Fun Releases Lite Version of Star*Burst

Super Happy Fun Fun (SHFF) announces a free, Lite version of their Star*Burst game. See why the critics all agree that this is a truly unique and wonderfully addicting twist on the wildly popular puzzle genre. Designed by the original designer of Klax, Star*Burst's rich heritage shines like the well-polished gem that it is. The Lite version features a sampling of the various levels and all of the quirky and beautiful collectible achievement cards as well as the ability to link to your Facebook account. Impress your friends that you have your priorities straight and know how to spend your leisure time.

Star*Burst Lite gives players the opportunity to experience the early levels of Star*Burst exactly as they are in the full version of the game. Players must catch streams of brightly colored gems as they flow down the conveyor deck, by strategically flipping gems, bombs and timers to form Bursts of three or more. Player get the same fast-paced, addictive action that has earned Star*Burst praise from leading publications like Macworld, Portable Gamer, Touch Arcade and more.

Star*Burst Lite is available now on the App Store for as a free download. Go get your Burst on.

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