Nyko Announces Product Lineup for CES 2009

Nyko Technologies has announced a portion of its new lineup of products to be on display during the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show from January 8th-10th in Las Vegas, Nevada. Nyko will be showcasing its latest video game gadgets and accessories, designed to enhance the consumer experience on every console from the Nintendo Wii, to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

In addition to several brand new products that will be unveiled on the first day of the show, Nyko's recently announced accessories that have yet to hit retail stores will be on display during the event, including:
Metal Pedal: A heavy-duty drum pedal for use with Rock Band 1 and 2 and Guitar Hero: World Tour.
Charge Station Quad for Wii: A 4-port controller storage and charging solution for the Nintendo Wii, based on the best-selling 2-port Charge Station.
Wired Kama and Wired Wing for Wii: Wired counterparts to the wireless Kama and Wing featuring the same ergonomic design and precision.

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