Gesture-based Gaming for the Aging Population Unveiled

Softkinetic and the Dutch company SilverFit have announced the unique Silverfit game system, specifically targeted at adults ages 65 and up.

The Silverfit system and its games were developed in close collaboration with Dutch physiotherapists and were designed specifically to include a broad range of exercises that are recommended as physical therapy after a stroke or an accident, as well as games that provide general fitness benefits. The Silverfit systems are currently being installed in retirement communities and care centers across the Netherlands followed by expansion to the rest of Europe and North America.

Exercising is key to the health of seniors as it reduces the risk of contracting chronic diseases. A recent International Sports Science Association (ISSA) study pointed out the health benefits that exergaming can provide by immersing players in exercise as part of the overall game experience.

By using Silverfit the aging population can exercise with computer games that are specifically developed for them and that take into account any physical limitations. The Softkinetic 3D gesture recognition technology combined with a 3D depth-sensing camera make the experience intuitive. The first installation of Silverfit systems, at the Groenhuysen care center in the Netherlands, provided unexpected benefits; the system created a social atmosphere where seniors enjoyed encouraging each other to play the games and also offered friendly competition amongst users to achieve the highest scores.

Partnering with SilverFit extends Softkinetic's presence in the field of games and fitness. In the past year Softkinetic has worked with iTech Fitness to bring an active gaming application to the market, EA Sports on a basketball advergame, and Sprint/Wireless Ronin on a football advergame.

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