Charge Station Quad and Control Pak for Wii Now Shipping

Nyko Technologies has shipped the Charge Station Quad for Nintendo Wii to select retailers nationwide. The latest iteration of the company's Charge Station, the new Charge Station Quad offers a convenient way to charge up to four Wii Remotes simultaneously, adds rubber battery covers for superior grip, and allows charging to take place with the wrist strap still attached.

In addition, Nyko Technologies has also revealed that the Wired Wing and Wired Kama, previously announced to be on display at CES 2009, will be shipping to stores early together as the Control Pak. The value package combines wired versions of the popular Wing and Kama controllers for an essential collection that every Wii owner should have. The Wing classic-style controller is designed to fit comfortably in the hands and is perfect for nostalgic games on the Wii's Virtual Console channel. The Kama combines a wider body with grooves and a rubber battery cover for a better grip, complete with a Z button shaped to prevent finger slippage. The Wired Wing and Wired Kama are currently only available with the Control Pak.

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