Trinigy Expects Record Year 2008

Trinigy announces that it successfully expanded its business in 2008 and expects another dramatic increase in signed license deals, annual revenues and profit for the ongoing fiscal year.

In defiance of the overall global economic trends, Trinigy is expecting to double its annual turnover in 2008 for the second time in a row, thanks to a significant increase in license deals in all territories. According to the firm, the release of its latest technology generation "Vision Engine 7" was a major key to success. Numerous new license contracts have been signed with major game companies such as Ubisoft's Blue Byte studio, South Korean gaming giant Neowiz Corp., Zed Group (int. media group), Cinemax (Czech Republic) and Nitro Games (Finland). Serious games and simulation industry leaders such as Camber Corporation (USA) and EADS Germany also opted for Vision Engine 7. Running business on revenues only, the firm has been operating profitably ever since its foundation in 2003 and it is successfully continuing its expansion.

Thanks to full order books, increasing international business operations largely thanks to the firm's US subsidiary Trinigy, Inc. - new console versions and further yet undisclosed highlights, the company is confidently looking ahead to the upcoming year 2009.

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