Softkinetic Adds Support for PMDTechnologies’ CamCube

Softkinetic has announced that iisu, its unique software platform, is now compatible with PMDTec's advanced 3D camera, CamCube. Softkinetic's support of PMDTec's CamCube provides flexibility to digital entertainment, healthcare and consumer electronics companies and developers that embed 3D depth sensing technology into their products.

iisu simplifies the intricate conversation between the hardware technology of 3D depth cameras and the application it is working with. Softkinetic's developer-friendly application programming interface (API) is compatible with all major 3D cameras on the market, giving developers the freedom to select the most appropriate camera to work with. Softkinetic's iisu enables precise, real-time tracking of a user's body parts and gestures as it processes the image provided by the 3D depth sensing camera. It supports both full-body and upper-body gesture recognition, enabling the development of natural interfaces for video games, health-care applications, multimedia touch-less user interfaces and other interactive applications.

Partnering with PMDTec's CamCube providers developers with another high-quality 3D camera to work with and is a compliment to the current applications Softkinetic's technology is seen in. As developers continue to innovate and implement these natural product interfaces, the increasing demand for high quality, low-cost 3D technologies applications will also grow.

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