Joymax Announces Two New Events for Deco Online

Joymax has announced two new events for Deco Online, the free-to-play, action MMORPG. The first event, called "Invasion of Dogma: Prelude of the Fall" will force warring nations Millena and Rain to forge an uneasy alliance as a mysterious menace known as Dogma threaten their world. Sent by the ancient dark emperor Zanard, Dogma will invade twice daily between October 22nd and October 24th, 11 AM PDT and 5 PM PDT. Any warrior strong enough to defeat Dogma will be richly rewarded in Elda stone, precious material that can be constructed into weaponry and tools.

The second event, aptly named "Who is the king of kings?" will be a search for the greatest fighter in Deco Online via PvP tournaments. Aspiring players who are between level 60 and level 80 have until October 23rd to submit their character information and preferred date for matches. Semifinals will commence on October 29th, and the finals will be held on November 1st. Grand prize includes an armor and weapon set, along with bragging rights on the official Deco Online website.

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