The Red Cross Game: Emergency Response Unit Released

SPIL GAMES announces that The Red Cross Game: Emergency Response Unit is now available online. Released by the Dutch publisher Youdagames and sponsored by SPIL GAMES, The Red Cross Game: Emergency Response Unit is a strategy title where players manage relief efforts and race against the clock to try to help those in need. Created to celebrate the 100-year anniversary of the Dutch Red Cross, the game was developed by I Sioux Game Productions with the cooperation of Red Cross specialists to provide a highly realistic simulation of relief efforts. The game will be sold for $19.95 and half of the net income generated by game sales will be donated to the world-renowned emergency response organization.

In The Red Cross Game: Emergency Response Unit, players manage a Red Cross base camp. While deployed to numerous disaster zones to build a base camp, players assess critical situations and make tough decisions on how to allocate resources in order to save lives. Players distribute supplies, treat the sick, set up temporary shelters for the homeless, clean up debris from disasters, coordinate with local authorities, and fly rescue missions using airplanes and helicopters. Players can try out two full missions for free at The premium version includes all 11 missions and provides hours of challenging gameplay.

As a primary distribution partner, SPIL GAMES launches The Red Cross Game: Emergency Response Unit across all 45 of their gaming portals.

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