iTech Fitness and Softkinetic Announce Collaboration

iTech Fitness and Softkinetic announce a partnership to develop the future of Active Gaming experiences. For the first time ever, users can exercise in a virtual world by simply moving their bodies, without the use of any game controller or peripheral.

The first-ever collaboration brings the advanced gesture-based 3D gaming technology from Softkinetic onto iTech Fitness' XRKade active gaming platform. The result is a unique, immersive active gaming experience.

In the game, the user enters a virtual boxing gym. Your "avatar" (you in the game) punches workout bags, following your own movements in real time without the need for any special equipment or controllers. This active gaming breakthrough was achieved through gesture recognition middleware from Softkinetic, a depth sensing camera, combined with the XRKade immersive fitness platform developed by iTech Fitness. The game itself was developed by Softkinetic and iTech Fitness' talented game studio.

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