A Wound Heals But Scarlet Remains

As production continues, Tale of Tales is revealing the playable characters in their upcoming independent horror game The Path, scheduled for release in Spring 2009. The Path is inspired by the ancient folk tale of Little Red Ridinghood. It features not one, but six different "Red Girls", each one sent on an errand to her grandmother, each destined to meet her fate. Now, joining her sisters Robin, Carmen, Rose, Ginger and Ruby on this ominous path, the sixth and final character is revealed: Scarlet.

Scarlet is the oldest of six. The firstborn. In a family with an invisible mother. Quite a responsibility. One that she faces with determination and a sense of duty and pride. She is 19 years of age. She should probably be enjoying what's left of her youth. But with five younger sisters, one more unruly than the other, somebody needs to maintain order and stability.

Not that Scarlet doesn't wish to share the burden. Or a moment of silence. A moment of quiet understanding with a soulmate. A moment of true togetherness. Her loneliness is a secret she will take to the grave. Sooner than she may expect.

In her scarce moments of free time, Scarlet tries to document the most memorable events of her closing life. Her online journal is a refuge, an eye in the storm that surrounds her. And is closing in.

Tale of Tales have just finalized the Scarlet character. The results of this effort can be witnessed on the website of The Path.

This concludes the fortnightly revealing of playable characters in The Path. There's other characters in the game, but the player will need to discover these for themselves, in Spring 2009.

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