PayByCash Launches PaxGuard

PayByCash launches PaxGuard which will reduce payment fraud-related expenses and lost revenue for e-commerce merchants of any size. PaxGuard not only reduces the expense of fraud, it also offers no-risk payment options for high risk customers via PayByCash.

PaxGuard uses a suite of detection rules and robust fraud detection technologies. It employs a vast, ever expanding network of payment and fraud intelligence to determine the risk of fraud. Rules are configured and managed by merchants to suit the unique risk tolerances of their enterprise. High-risk customers can be converted using PayByCash's no-risk payment methods. Thus merchants can set their risk tolerance as low as they like and not turn away legitimate, paying customers.

PaxGuard has an extremely effective default configuration. Every setting, however, can be customized, enabling merchants to set their risk tolerances based on their specific business and the payment methods they accept. PaxGuard provides a number of on-demand reports that help merchants gain insight into the incidence of fraud on their site and tune their detection rules to better prevent fraud while maintaining a positive customer experience.

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