Namco's Pole Position: Remix Available on iPhone and iPod Touch

Namco Networks announces the worldwide availability of Pole Position: Remix for play on iPhone and iPod touch devices. The game is available for purchase from Apple's App Store.

Pole Position: Remix takes full advantage of iPhone and iPod touch's unique features and offers three intuitive control modes:
- Tilt to Steer Mode allows you, via the device's accelerometer, to steer your car by tilting the device either to the left or to the right, simulating the feel of an actual steering wheel.
- Touch Wheel Mode allows players to rotate the on-screen wheel to control their car.
- Slider Mode lets players slide their finger across the on-screen slider to steer with a touch of a finger.

Each mode offers realistic control during sharp turns and a touch-to-break option perfect for power slides. Game play can be customized for left handed and right handed users.

Each track in Pole Position: Remix can be played in four racing modes: Practice, Single Race, Grand Prix and Sudden Death. Points are earned for the distance traveled and for passing competing cars. If players race well, players can unlock reversed or mirrored versions of the tracks, race in new cars and experience different themes, including those based on favorite Namco games such as PAC-MAN, Galaga and Dig Dug.

Pole Position: Remix for iPhone is similar to the iPod version of the game.

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