Ascaron to Publish World War One

World War One is a historically accurate turn based strategy game from experienced and respected developer AGEOD, due for release by Ascaron in November 2008. The new game allows players to command the armies and battleship fleets from one of eight major nations including Great Britain, Germany and Russia, as they try to ensure victory and restore peace in Europe during the Great War.

Commanding from the Prime Minister's office, players must manage troops, coordinate strategic movements with allies, attack enemies, select generals, organise war production, engage in worldwide diplomacy, negotiate with the national parliament or support technological research. Playing as the Lord Kitchener or Sir Winston Churchill, the strategy may involve the need to relieve pressure on the Western front and invade the Turkish Straits to open sea access to Russian allies. However it is crucial that such a move does not leave other areas undefended, as Britain's main rival Germany expands its army and naval fleet.

Players may also elect to invade foreign soil to enlarge the front and expand their rule on a European or global scale. Careful tactical decisions could ensure an easy victory and mass domination. However, attacks that are not carefully planned or supported may lead to a severe loss of troops and forced retreat. Alternatively, the best tactic may be to ensure the survival of the existing order, defending the current territory to maintain the status quo. Despite being a safe option, this may confine and restrict a nation, preventing it from expanding its powerful rule.

A number of scenarios and grand campaigns are available to play between the years of 1914-1918, some spanning the whole four years of World War One. Players can also change history, taking charge of their armies and fleets in a unique 'what if' scenario. Regardless of the scenario chosen and the tactics employed, gamers must think carefully, anticipate enemy moves and prepare for battle at any given moment.

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