business Expands into France, Germany, Italy and Spain

Ad-funded mobile games outfit announces that after the success of its UK launch earlier this year, it has expanded its free ad-funded mobile games service into France, Germany, Italy and Spain. Now, millions more mobile gamers can get their hands on some of the very best mobile games available. Hundreds of thousands of free mobile games have already been downloaded via the web at and the mobile site

From the site gamers can choose from more than 80 of the very best games from leading publishers. Best of all, the games are completely free. Games from Digital Chocolate, RealArcade Mobile, THQ Wireless, Hands-On, Indiagames, In-Fusio, Player-X and Progressive Media are already available, with more games added every month.

So how does it actually work? When you launch a game on your mobile, you'll see a couple of adverts before the game. If you want to visit the advertiser's mobile site on your phone, simply click; if you don't, the game will start. Simple as that. When you're finished playing, you'll see another two ads.

There's no registration process and no limit on the number of games that can be downloaded; the only cost comes from the game connecting to 123play's advertising server via the network a maximum of once a day to update the ads - this only takes a few seconds. So, if you play the game for example 20 times a day, you only need to connect once. So for consumers on a flat-rate tariff the games really are totally free: for the rest, it's only a few pence when they connect.

The site currently has games for over 800 different handset models with new phones added all the time and it works with any mobile network.

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