Battles of 19th Century North America Invade Retail Stores

Birth of America II: Wars in America 1750-1815, the sequel to the strategy PC game Birth of America, is available to buy in stores now. Developed by strategy specialists AGEOD, this new historically accurate battle strategy game from Ascaron allows players to experience wars in North America between the years of 1750 and 1815.

Spanning a period of 65 years, the game enables players to re-enact many significant battles that influenced North American history. Battle strategy fans can re-live the cleverly thought out tactics of Dunmore's War (1773-1774), experience the Indian–British allegiance of The Battle of Fallen Timbers (1791-1794) and ensure all cities are successfully conquered in The Battle of New Orleans (1815).

The game features the opportunity to command each campaign from a US, British or North American Indian perspective, taking on the roles of famous historical characters such as Chief Cornstalk, Blue Jacket, Lord Dunmore, General Anthony Wayne and General Pakenham.

Birth of America II uses a combination of turn based strategic gameplay and tactical moves to destroy the opponent's armies and conquer certain cities. Based on true historical battles and authentic characters and units, players can truly experience important historical American events.

Improved AI and a new turn based strategy system truly enhance gameplay, whilst extensive maps that cover America and Europe create a highly realistic and authentic battle strategy experience. Players can truly immerse themselves in the experience of commanding infamous American battles.

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