Animal Paradise for Nintendo DS Shipping

Empire Interactive announces that the multitude of adorably warm animals in Animal Paradise for Nintendo DS has shipped to North American retailers. Pet owners will take home an array of loving animals looking for a special place to call home and as with any new pet, players will have to earn the animals' trust and friendship, by caring for and loving their new friends. Under Empire Interactive's recently announced partnership with Atari, Animal Paradise is the first of four announced titles to be distributed exclusively by Atari in North America.

Animal Paradise takes players to a virtual farm where they can try their hand at caring for and raising 18 different animals including dogs, cats, hamsters, horses, pigs, and more. Pets will need to be fed, cleaned, walked, and played with in order to be kept fit, healthy and happy. As they progress through the game, players will unlock new animals to care for and fun-filled mini-games like Treasure Hunting, Footprint Trail, and Shampoo Scrub. Getting to know the animals, learning what kind of care each one prefers, and building a bond with them will be rewarded by unlocking exclusive pet photos based on the "Hanadeka" or "big-nose" style of animal photography, by famed Japanese photographer Yoneo Morita, for their virtual photo album. Animal Paradise is rated "E" for "Everyone".

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