Dark Horizon Rockets to Official Release

Space adventurers from around the galaxy are blasting off with Dark Horizon, Paradox Interactive's space action combat simulator for the PC, which has landed on North American store shelves. The game, which features 22 missions of perilous space combat and original RPG elements like advanced ship customization, will launch in Europe on Friday, Sep. 26th.

Dark Horizon calls upon heroes from every corner of the universe to determine the fate of a galaxy plagued by the all-consuming, dark force called the Mirk. By assuming the role of a valiant warrior of the Guardian race and defending the Vatar'Amdan orbital fortress against the Mirk's great De'Khete invaders, players can save billions of lives and take part in an epic fight for survival.

Dark Horizon is available for purchase in stores and for digital download at GamersGate.

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