Ascaron Entertainment to Publish Virtual Skipper 5 in October

Virtual Skipper 5, the latest edition of the series of 3D regatta simulation games from 93 Games, will be released in October 2008 by Ascaron Entertainment. In this new version players take the helm of luxury sailing boats, racing across the open water of more internationally renowned ocean courses than ever before, including Qingdao, the sailing venue for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

A sophisticated wave animation model replicates tidal movement and wind flurries, forcing players to adapt whilst racing. Other variables include day and night settings that affect climatic conditions and visibility, all helping to reproduce a realistic sailing environment. Real life yachts in the game include the Offshore Racer and the Melges 24. Both vessels behave differently on the water, meaning players must master key racing tactics to navigate and perfect the courses.

Virtual Skipper 5 lets players compete at some of the most prestigious global sailing events, including Auckland, Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco and Qingdao, now widely recognised as the recent sailing venue for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, where the Great Britain sailing team won six medals including four gold's. The game also incorporates an editing system that enables players to create their own water courses, providing a variety of different maps for renewed and continuous gameplay.

There are four different game modes for Virtual Skipper 5; arcade, tactical, simulation and 'no rules', to appeal to both novice and experienced navigators. Players can also choose between competing in single game mode or multiplayer on the internet, where they can compare performances against one another via world rankings.

Virtual Skipper 5 is the re-released version of the 32nd America's Cup sailing simulation game.

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