The Path of Ginger

The Path is a short horror game based on the story of Little Red Ridinghood. In it you play six characters, the Red Girls, sisters, each a different incarnation of the hooded protagonist in the fairy tale. All are sent to grandmother's house on an errand. And told to stay on the path...

Tale of Tales is revealing these six characters one by one, as the production continues. Joining her sisters Robin, Carmen and Rose, the company now presents: Ginger.

The forest is a great place for adventures! And a much more fun way to get to grandmother's house. Ginger isn't one for sticking to paths. Running around in the fields, climbing gnarly old trees, playing wild games with abandoned toys, collecting pebbles and hitting things with sticks. The idea of growing up doesn't hold much appeal. Who'd want to give up their childhood? But Ginger is 13. The end is near.

She's a fresh flower of the field in her own way. Very independent -a loner, actually- and completely absorbed in the game she thinks of as life. Will she bloom before she wilts? Will she ever learn? Should she?

The forest holds no secrets for her. Or does it?

Ginger is taking notes in her secret Livejournal. Things to remember. For reference for later journeys. Journeys she may never take.

Designed by media artists, Auriea Harvey (US) and Michael Samyn (BE) at Tale of Tales, The Path takes a very different approach to computer gaming. Just like their other projects - The Endless Forest and The Graveyard - The Path does not involve any combat or competition. Instead it offers a free-form narrative atmosphere that inspires imagination and association. For Tale of Tales, games are just one form of entertainment of many that can be created with the interactive medium. And other, new forms may be able to deal better with the much desired growth in thematic variety and emotional breadth. Auriea Harvey and Michael Samyn believe that the interactive medium can take us to places where no one has ever been.

Atypically in games development, the core creative team behind The Path consists for the most part of women. Auriea Harvey is designer and director on the project. Jarboe composes The Path's dynamic soundtrack. Kris Force produces the sound. Laura Raines Smith animates the characters. And Marian Bantjes designs the typography. Designer and director Michael Samyn and technical artist Hans Zantman together form the male counterpart of the team.

The Path is a PC game scheduled for release in Spring 2009.

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