Strong Badia the Free Launches on WiiWare

The second Strong Bad episode is now available on WiiWare and PC, making Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People the first episodic series to deliver regular, timely releases on a connected console. "Strong Badia the Free" comes one month after the series premiere, "Homestar Ruiner", which immediately jumped to the top of the North American WiiWare charts and remained at #1 on the Popular Titles list for four straight weeks.

This positive response to the interactive Strong Bad series indicates a shift in consumer preferences, with connected consoles and digital services like WiiWare poised to overtake television as a source of regularly-scheduled entertainment among mainstream audiences. The Strong Bad games play like interactive sitcoms; rather than simply sitting back and watching, players take an active role in the episodes, interacting with characters and making the story unfold. Side activities, Easter eggs, and unlockable bonuses make this an experience worth returning to long after the story ends - something that can't be said for an episode of television.

The Strong Bad games, which are based on the web cartoons that have been running at since 2000, have comedic appeal that extends beyond the original cartoons' fan base. Penned by Chuck Jordan, the lead writer on Telltale's Sam & Max series, "Strong Badia the Free" puts an irreverent spin on global politics when Strong Bad declares war on the tyrannical King of Town and secedes to form his own nation. Join Strong Bad on his trip across the fractured countryside, reuniting his compatriots and standing up for what's right as only a loudmouthed, destruction-prone, lucha libra wrestling mask wearing cartoon character can. The game's cutting humor and unapologetic satire offer a refreshing alternative to the political banter that currently dominates prime time.

In North America, "Strong Badia the Free" can be downloaded through the Wii Shop Channel for 1,000 Wii Points, with availability in other territories to follow shortly.

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