Hello Kitty Packs Her Bags for the Move of a Lifetime

Hello Kitty is moving away from her beloved Sanrio Town to fulfill her Big City dreams, with players help, in her first ever 3D adventure on the Nintendo DS. Check it out for yourself in Empire Interactive's official trailer for the adventure game, Hello Kitty: Big City Dreams.

Check out the trailer for a glimpse of some never-before-seen gameplay footage, featuring Hello Kitty and the rest of her Sanrio pals. Kitty will find herself very busy helping and playing with her friends, from trying to beat Kerropi's Arcade Hero score, to lending Tuxedosam a hand serving customers in Restaurant Rush. And every girl knows a thing or two about fashion, so when My Melody is in trouble, Kitty is more than willing to become an impromptu fashion assistant at her clothing store. One can only imagine the fun and exciting adventures that await Kitty and players as they explore the Big City together.

You can download the trailer here.

Releasing in October, on Nintendo DS, Hello Kitty: Big City Dreams will strut an ESRB rating of "E" for "Everyone".

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