Exit Games Announces Neutron Integration of IMS Technology

Exit Games announces that its mobile gaming platform, Neutron, has integrated IMS connectivity features enabling mobile application and game developers to utilize the next-generation wireless technology. Neutron is the first and only known technology platform in the world that supports IMS connectivity for gaming and community on mobile devices.

Most wireless operators around the world have already bought in to IMS cores, costing in excess of US$20 million. Neutron now makes it possible and convenient for mobile application and game developers to integrate IMS connectivity features into their next project, offering such enhancements as real-time presence with friend lists, location-based services, and in-application voice chat, among others.

With evolution scalability built in, backwards compatibility has also been made possible allowing interconnectivity between mobile devices with and without IMS capabilities. This will allow new games and applications to continue reaching a critical mass of users as market penetration continues to grow with IMS-enabled devices.

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