Mytopia Launches RUGS Cross-Platform Technology

Mytopia announces the official launch of RUGS (the Real-time Universal Gaming System), a patent-pending, proprietary framework for rapid rich media creation across the Web, mobile and smartphone landscapes. The new technology allows developers to code rich, connected applications one time, and simultaneously deploy native versions to every supported platform, including iPhone, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Symbian, Android and J2ME devices, as well as popular web platforms like Facebook's F8 and Google's Open Social. Content created on RUGS harnesses the unique capabilities of each platform, while running from a singular code base.

RUGS employs a forward-looking plug-in architecture and patent-pending semantic translation, allowing developers to code in standard languages and instantly deliver content to new platforms without porting or platform-specific knowledge. Mytopia is leveraging RUGS to build the first cross-platform casual gaming community that allows users to play classic games together in real-time from any device or network.

Mytopia plans to open the RUGS framework to the wider development community later this year.

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