Playphone and Tapatap Utilize DeviceAnywhere

Playphone and Tapatap have chosen DeviceAnywhere to help them test and develop their mobile games applications on actual devices, from remote locations around the world. In keeping up with growing demand from their mobile gaming consumers, DeviceAnywhere's solutions will help to bring their high-quality mobile content to market faster.

Playphone, a provider of cutting-edge personalization and entertainment content through ringtones, mobile games, wallpaper and more, is just one of the mobile gaming companies that have employed DeviceAnywhere's one-of-a-kind solutions for development and testing. Playphone also powers subscription-based mobile destinations for top entertainment and retail brands like Wal-Mart, ABC Television, Cartoon Network, and Adult Swim.

As a longtime DeviceAnywhere customer, PlayPhone has experienced several benefits of using the service, particularly in the case of the company's off-shore initiatives and testing teams based in China and Brazil. DeviceAnywhere will continue to provide the company with a cost-effective way to test and implement their mobile content and applications.

Tapatap, a mobile social gaming leader that delivers user-created games on mobile and Web sites, has also chosen DeviceAnywhere for its testing, QA, and porting needs. The company primarily develops on North American handsets and has seen both time-saving and cost-savings benefits through DeviceAnywhere's testing solutions.

Playphone and Tapatap join worldwide mobile gaming leaders Electronic Arts, Glu, and Vivendi Games in turning to DeviceAnywhere for their testing needs. Using DeviceAnywhere's remote, physical handsets for testing have helped to ensure seamless development and consistent consumer usability.

DeviceAnywhere is an online service that provides remote access to over 1500 real handsets, on live worldwide mobile networks, remotely over the Internet, meeting all development, porting, testing, and monitoring needs. Unlike emulator/simulator-based solutions, DeviceAnywhere employs real, physical handsets so, anything that a user can do with a device in his/her hand, he/she can do with the handsets in DeviceAnywhere in real-time. This includes tasks such as pressing device buttons, tapping on touch screens, connecting/disconnecting the battery, viewing the LCD, listening to ringers and speakers, and opening/closing a handset.

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