Updated Linux 3.20 Patch for Dominions 3: The Awakening Released

When it comes to computer gaming you test and test the code but even then you can still roll a critical fumble. Near the end of August Illwinter Game Design and Shrapnel Games have released a new patch for the fantasy strategy title, Dominions 3: The Awakening, bringing the retail version up to 3.20. Unfortunately in the time since its release a network bug has been identified on systems using 64-bit Linux for the operating system. Once identified the bug was quickly cornered, made to feel really bad through a series of lectures critical of its self image, and ultimately destroyed in a spectacular display of ones and zeroes.

If you play Dominions 3: The Awakening and you use 64-bit Linux (and only Linux, Windows and Mac users do not have to download a new patch) please download the 3.20b patch here.

Now while Windows and Mac users don't need to download an updated patch if you missed the patch the first time around now is the time to grab it. The 3.20 patch is aimed at giving modders even more flexibility, along with adding a couple things for folks who enjoy megagames of Dominions 3: The Awakening. Highlights of the patch include:
- Occasional crash during host fixed.
- Move order validation improved.
- Battle enchantments expired when caster retreats from battleground.
- New switch: -nocheatdet.
- Nation mods properly recognized when starting network games.
- Increased maximum number of maps allowed in the map folder.
- New weapon modding commands: #dt_small, #dt_large, #dt_raise, #dt_magic, #dt_constuctonly, #dt_demononly, #mrnegates, #mrnegateseasily, #mind.
- Weapon modding: Range -1 = strength as range, -2 = str/2, etc.
Increased modding limits for maximum number of monsters and descriptions.
- Monster modding: #cold and #heat takes an area variable.
- New monster modding commands: #watershape, #landshape, #forestshape, #plainshape, #unique, #stormimmune, #startaff, #bloodvengeance, #stonebeing, #leper, #beckon.
- LA Atlantis uw recruitment improved.
- LA Atlantis hero.
- Modding: Fixed problem with disappearing magic abilities when enabling many mods.
- Increased maximum number of messages (for huge games).
- Increased maximum number of commanders and units (for huge games).

Included in the patch are also two manuals for anyone with a desire to tinker with the game: an all new, map making manual and an updated mod maker manual. Both manuals succinctly cover all the important facets you need to craft your own maps and make your own mods. Both of these reference works, written by both the game developers and community leader Esko Halttunen, are invaluable tools that will open up new worlds for your Dominions 3: The Awakening experience.

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