A Path of Rose

As production of the short horror game continues, independent developer Tale of Tales is releasing images of the playable characters in The Path, one by one, as they get finished. After Robin and Carmen, it is time for Rose to appear on the scene. In total there will be six girls, sisters, differing in age and personality. To complete the game, you will need to play all of them. Each Red Girl will be sent to their grandmother's house. And they may never come back.

Rose is very mature for her age. But there is a certain air of innocence about her that is charming and disconcerting at the same time. Barely a teenager -Rose is eleven-, she is discovering the world around her with fresh eyes. And all is beautiful! The wind in the trees, the birds in the air, the flowers along the path. Rose is taking it in voraciously. So much so that she will defend even nature's smallest creatures against anyone who might wish them harm.

But who will protect sweet Rose herself, when she is lured off the path? With a promise of heaven, of unearthly bliss, of light in abundance where no sun will ever shine? You're just a little girl, Rose! Just a fragile little girl...

Rose keeps a journal where she shares her life's experiences with wide-eyed enthusiasm. Eyes that will soon be shut forever.

The Path is a PC game inspired by Little Red Ridinghood scheduled for release early next year. It is designed and developed by Auriea Harvey and Michael Samyn at Tale of Tales in Belgium. Much like their other games - The Endless Forest and The Graveyard - The Path aims to create a narrative atmosphere that inspires imagination, rather than a typical skills-based and rules-confined gaming experience. Tale of Tales want to expand the medium of games towards a wider diversity of themes and emotional content. Industrial/goth music diva Jarboe is creating an original soundtrack for The Path and Laura Raines Smith animates the characters.

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