C.O.R.E. for Nintendo DS Is Coming to North America

NoWay Studio announces they have signed with American publisher Graffiti Entertainment to publish their debut title, "C.O.R.E.", in North America. Available exclusively on the Nintendo DS, and launching in 4th Quarter 2008, "C.O.R.E" is an action-packed multiplayer First Person Shooter. With a gripping single player mission, based on a Roswell style storyline, the game also boasts an exciting multiplayer experience in specially designed arenas.

"Capture the flag", "team arena" and "free for all" multiplayer modes can now be played on a handheld games system. Ten specially designed arenas have been created with a range of weapons and shields strategically placed around these challenging environments. With a single game cartridge up to four players can now quickly set up multiplayer FPS game that can last for hours.

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