Nyko Announces the Wing Wireless Classic Controller for Wii

Nyko Technologies has revealed its new wireless controller design, the Wing, for the Nintendo Wii game console system. Using Nyko's wireless dongle system that conveniently plugs into the bottom of the Wii Remote, the Wing eliminates the cord for games that require the Classic Controller.

With a sleek aesthetic, colorful appeal and an ergonomic design, the Wing incorporates utility with a refreshing look for a value unmatched by any other controller available on the market. Nyko's wireless dongle plugs into the Wii Remote, providing up to 10 feet of wireless range and up to 30 hours of playtime on two AAA batteries. For the environmentally conscious, the Wing comes equipped with a USB port and cable for easy charging of rechargeable batteries (not included) and it boasts a rugged, durable build.

Nyko's wireless Wing classic controller will be available in October.

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