Sandlot Games Announces Availability of Cake Mania 3

Sandlot Games announces the availability of Cake Mania 3, the third installment of the Cake Mania franchise. Sandlot Games also announces an updated version of Sandlot Connect, an online gaming resource that is part of the company's ongoing commitment to deliver high production value games with strong online community features.

As Cake Mania 3 begins, Jill is frantically preparing for her long-awaited wedding when suddenly, disaster strikes as a mysterious time bending orb falls to the floor and shatters. As family members rush to pick up the pieces, they are whisked away to various points in time. Now, in order to save her family and get everyone back for the wedding, Jill must travel on a cake-baking crusade to a variety of outrageous locations, both past and future. Visit outrageous new bakeries from a Jurassic wilderness and romantic medieval England, to a turmoil-fueled revolutionary France and serve up fantastic new cakes to exotic new customers.

Cake Mania 3 comes with a variety of new features:
- More than 350 level combinations;
- Thirty hilarious new customers;
- All-new power-ups, kitchen upgrades and customizable bakeries;
- Integration with Sandlot Connect for bonus bakeries and outfits;
- Full-length video cut scenes and more.

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